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Claude Blackburn, Dri-Eaz CEO receiving the award from Governor Locke





Feedback Report

All award applicants receive a feedback report providing valuable guidance and information on their organizations. The strengths and areas for improvement described in the report can be used as a management tool for planning, training, and implementing the organizations quality initiatives and to achieve performance excellence.


Award recipients are recognized by the Governor for their achievements in quality at an annual ceremony.

Steps for Submitting Application

  1. Call the WSQA office or email deborahameen@gmail.com for the latest information and access to criteria. You may also be eligible to participate in one of our process improvement pilots.
  2. Gain education in understanding the criteria by attending the Introduction to Performance Excellence workshop.
  3. Determine which application you will be submitting (the Lite or the Full). 
  4. Review or download WSQA Intent to Apply and Application Guidelines.
  5. Complete the Intent to Apply form and mail to WSQA at least four (4) months prior to submitting your application. The Intent to Apply reserves a specific quarter for your application to be reviewed by WSQA examiners.

  6. Down load the appropriate criteria.
  7. Assistance in preparing your application is available through participation in a WSQA Collaborative.   The Preparing and Applying for the WSQA workshop is also helpful in preparing your application and the Baldrige Case Study workshop.  We will work with you to help determine your best resources.