Preparing and Applying for the WSQA

"Recommend everyone involved to attend this training."

"Great tips on writing do's and don'ts."

"I can't imagine you being more informed, helpful, or responsive to our needs. Thank you. "

Introduction to Performance Excellence

"Outstanding information that has the potential to transform this organization."

"Very effective at engaging the team and helped us to make real progress. Thank you!"  

"This was a great class, particularly since a cross-section of businesses was involved."

"Maintain the positive energy. The instructor’s approach and obvious love of the subject matter made this a very effective class."

"Really good job explaining the why and how introduction to get us thinking about how we can begin implementation."

Turning Feedback into Action

"It helped to be able to distill 10's of OFI's down into 4 action items with names and dates attached."

 "The class was very well organized and through provoking. I enjoyed the instructor’s interactive style."

 "Appreciated ability to use our own results as a part of the training."  

"An incredible teacher.  Passion, charisma."

 "Action is key and this training helped move us in that direction."

 "Knowledgeable, engaging instructor. Very proactive process for distilling comments from our organization’s feedback report."

 "Enhanced "team" internally.  Confirmation of goals/values."



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