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(If dates fall on a weekend or holiday, the first working day after the date applies)

First working day of quarter            Lite Applications due to WSQA office

15th of first month                            Teams assigned

24nd of first month                           Team Meeting #1 – Key factors

5th of second month                          Independent Reviews Complete

14th of second month                        Consensus call #1 – Categories 1-4

28th of second month                        Consensus call #2 – Categories 5-7

1st of third month                              Feedback report sent to tech editor

5rd of third month (think 10th)         Tech editing compete

7th of third month (think 15th)          Scorebook converted to feedback report

10th of third month (think 20th)        Final review of feedback report

13th of third month (think 24th)        Feedback report sent to applicant

 4th month                                          Executive briefing held